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Sex and Sexuality in Society:

Sex and sexuality is a very personal matter and touchy subject, especially these days.  Your body is its own universe unto itself. I think we should accept each other and judge each other based on character. Respect - respecting yourself and others around you, your community, and all living things in which we are all actually related to.


Respect for our youth and everyone's mind - the most precious gift of all (our minds!). I don't believe we as a society should push our sexuality onto others nor society as a whole. I believe sex is glorified in our society too much while moral values such as discipline and respect are in decay. True happiness comes from within! As the saying goes. And the famous line in star wars: "It's a trap!". 


Everyone is capable of true greatness and happiness. Peace and unity don't come about by fighting and being angry. I believe in the hereafter and it influences my beliefs. Everyone grown person has to decide for themselves what to believe and what to follow.

No doubt our culture, influenced by our media (and the collective social consciousness) have their effects on us all. It's probably a natural phenomenon for a free and capitalistic society, and with religious beliefs loosening - for the rise in individual's prioritization of sex. Especially one that often lacks a meaningful sense of community in our very capitalist and lonely society in America where it is hard to find places to even just openly socialize and hang out with people without having to spend money. I think it's unhealthy and has bad influences and effects on our youth and can also perverse people a bit.  Pornography is especially bad and violent but attempting to limit it authoritatively isn't the answer. In more open societies, Europe for example, there doesn't seem to be as many problems with sexual harassment, sexual assault, child molestation, and things like that but maybe I'm wrong - I believe they have a more mature view of sex. In more connected societies with more family values and concepts of honor (such as South Korea), there doesn't seem to be as many problems either. I believe these kind of things have roots and inspirations from God S.W.T. that have shaped all of human history.


Love is much more significant for example than sex and much more meaningful and elusive. We obviously also have a very materialistic society that I feel leads people to value the wrong things and can be quite mean to people who have less than them or are just different or have different viewpoints. d

I believe in science - including social science (which is more and always ongoing in it's conclusions than physical science because it deals with humans and does testing in an open environment with many variables) - secondary development is the time period of one's life when they start thinking for themselves and start being formed more by outside influences than one's family. Peers, school, etc. It continues indefinitely.

I think it is wrong and to be expected, that when a society falls for such materialism and worldly standards with sex and showing off bodies and making it seem cool to follow your own desires, but then has harsh laws and punishments against wronging others that it should be expected that people end up getting punished and we have all this crazy kind of stuff going on - questioning genders (There are two genders, is a biological fact, but people can and do vary and I believe we are created in a good way, with a good nature) and kids calling each other these names and things (because that is their filter, their worldview that we or society is putting over their eyes). 


I think it's good to recognize our evolutionary paths. Modern science (or just science) is recognizing a lot of our evolutionary traits such as how we learn and we are always constantly improving our understanding. As it should be. We need a government that is more adaptable and able to respond to new discoveries, technology, and scientific Information (Science in general/knowledge). Not to mention the will of the people and democratization of society -  so we can better respond and shape how we want the government to be - in regards to shaping our society and culture.

Update Jan. 1, 2020: I think we are seeing much pushback and that's to be expected, from everyday people on such issues as critical race theory, LGBTQ+ things, etc. People don't like being told they are racist or this and that and how to raise their kids. I believe they want government to back off on such things and not use these kind of things as any type of reasoning for people to garner support politically when the actual laws and policies aren't actually helping to solve the issues people care about and especially when said politicians back down on their campaign "promises". - Like in blog posts I've made, have to question the effects of things. Like saying "defund the police" - that's not going to help solve the issue...accountability solves the issue, more true opportunity and equality can solve issues, more social connectedness - not division, helps solve issues. Throwing money at things doesn't solve issues but puts band-aids on issues....but obviously what we spend money on matters but if things aren't truly changed, the problem will persist. If money is just printed and borrowed against it only delays issues onto future generations...

More policy specific, not personal (but is my personal view): I don't think there's a need to push any sex or sexual agendas (sexual orientation, etc.) on anybody or any other country. True freedom is letting others believe and do what they want. Nor do I think that it's right to judge and hate on our fellow human beings either, though that is more about personal conduct. Sound laws and protections for everybody (rights). I don't think it's right to push agendas to the youth other than nondiscriminatory. Basic sexual education at an appropriate age in adolescence is fine, let parents handle the rest. I personally believe there are two genders and only a few people out of many thousands who might be born into the wrong body (is learned and opinion, as everything is, but there are really only two sexes in reality except on rare occasions). How a man is suppose to act or be vs how women are suppose to act or be are social constructs but that there are real differences. We (as Americans) have never viewed things I believe through such a dirty lens/filter before the proliferation of pornography and all this fascination or focus on/over sex, sexual identity, orientations, and gender. I really dislike it when it comes to our culture and its effect on the youth; but, still can really like people, regardless of their self-identity in this area or any particular specific thing or beliefs that they may have - respect!

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