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Taxes, Spending, and the Online 21st. Century Economy -> More perfect society, humanity and government (for all)

"When did it become acceptable in the minds of men, that it is a normal state of affairs in having government which is not to be trusted?  - Think. Question. Demand. Be the change."

America used to have a much more nuanced tax bracket that went up to very high percentages for the wealthiest among us. I would like to implement this kind of tax bracket once again but probably not going as high as it used to go (80% and whatnot!). America is in a whole lot of debt. Trillions. We elect "conservative republicans" yet the national budget hardly changes. We elect Democrats and they want to expand federal government seemingly and put band-aids on all kinds of problems that corporations create and get away with, oftentimes. We must do better, even if drastic change and recession happen. For the future long-term economic stability of our country and our place in the world (as still the number one country in the world!), we must probably have to endure rough times (maybe, probably). Especially if we do the things and make the changes needed for a more sustainable world going into the future.

Just like with voting and congress, I believe the people should have a say in the national budget and where our tax dollars go (more perfect union). Our tax bracket as well. We do vote on these issues, but indirectly, by way of Presidents and Congress. It's released and talked about every year, with many not agreeing and disliking both (the budget and the tax bracket) (why then do we keep getting the same results? can see my other pages).

Personally, I think no U.S. citizen should go hungry and without any income. College could be much more affordable then. Hugely profitable businesses should always have to pay a fair amount in taxes. The burden of the U.S. government's deficit should not fall almost entirely upon the working and middle class while businesses and corporations make history-making profits and gain. Most all the money the government does give out eventually funnels to the top anyway in capitalist systems. We have to recognize this and agree on what we believe in - it is fine and good to disagree but are we really happy with the Federal Government for the past __ many years (with our society, etc.)? I think it could be better anyways.

I believe the government, for now anyway and until we possibly create a better capitalist system, must have a large role in this re-distribution of wealth and deciding where some(!) of the excess within the capitalist machine goes - for example, towards the advancement of human civilization (technology, science, sustainability, health, education, infrastructure, etc.).

I'm no economist or business person (mogul :) ) and would like to (short of Neil DeGrasse Tyson or someone) - would probably, choose a very smart, morally sound econometrist (the study of world economics) to be my Vice President. Especially as I do admit I am very concerned about climate and a large environmentalist and don't know enough about economics and such large scale economics (of course The White House has an economic advisory panel or "board" but still). 

I would propose a tax bracket, along with a new online tax system that is more individual, responsive, that aligns with the business year and the new economy (if I were President and able to make all these changes of course).

It is detailed in the "New Smart Economy", here is a key part of it though:

A key point would be that every business - upon individuals behalf, would be required to report monthly to the IRS (the IRS being a Federal Government entity, and so, owned by the people of the United States). Smart data science tools could help make this easy for businesses and individuals (for example, setting common standards for excel documents used in accounting, so the program could look for the cell titled "wages earned" and the cell in the column next to it would be the amount, automatically pulling the information and entering it into the system for a specific individual). The individual then would be able to verify the information is accurate and/or enter in manually income for themselves. If unemployed then, for example, one would not even need to enter in $0 income earned for a month and after processing, would receive the full monthly Universal Basic Income amount (one could file for unemployment if they are unemployed for example and the system, the Government knows this and knows these numbers already anyway).


Self employed (contractors, etc.) and businesses, would only be required to enter in taxes once a year, as usual or as they wanted to (every quarter potentially). The IRS then would calculate Universal Basic Income to be paid out depending on income and the tax bracket OR taxes to be taken out OR that need to be paid - which would be estimated yearly or one could pay off early as they want. There would be no need for tax returns then (obviously), only taxes to be owed. Individuals and/or businesses could also enter in life changes such as children, donations, etc., at any time. The IRS or another agency would also then release monthly economic and jobs report data made availabe to everyone (States, businesses, interested individuals, etc.). This would give information to be used within Big Data (data science) for example (for small and large businesses - opening up atleast a bit, data to be used for everyone, not just the big tech companies, which could spur positive economic and innovative businesses involved in data), allowing the government and business to better predict and respond to the economy. Keep in mind, the government should keep long-term goals as priority and be working toward those first (short term goals accomplish long term goals) in my opinion and keeping a balanced budget.

(Spreadsheet templates, training videos and K-12 education could be implemented easily enough).

The job market today as is, already favors a lot of entrepreneurship (and individual internet stars as well for example), and "gig" types of jobs and work. As the system and systems (agriculture, etc) become more developed, the possibilities would be vast and offer a much better choice to individuals in terms of work-life balance, opportunity and choice (education), etc.




As far as property taxes go, I believe in transparency and increasing democracy (or more of a "socialist" highly democratic society, which we already have a lot of the these structures in place. I believe that local and state governments should be transparent in their spending and taxation and that it should not overly tax the people unless they are consenting to the spending and the plan for the local community or county and city of which those taxes are going to be spent on. No level of government should tax the people on which the people don't agree with, such as enriching themselves of course. The working people are taxed to much on everything overall and sometimes taxed multiple times on the same thing from different sources in many instances.  

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