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Re-imagine and Question All Things

Our Government has become too corrupt and convoluted. Infested with nastiness I would say, "a swamp" (as President Trump said) is a pretty good term a lot of people agree with. The foundation of U.S. society and culture is starting to unravel and fall apart at the seams, seemingly. Unfettered capitalism with corruptness and greed above all is proving itself as not to be the answer to all and is wrecking our Earth and its very system(s) it stands on. These old systems are getting antiquated and showing many flaws. This doesn't mean we can't take what is good and learn from the past but we should work to create a more perfect world, country, and society. 

Should we: "End[ing] government by party and begin[ning] government with real democracy."? (as one Redditor replied to me.)

A lot of my ideas and policies would bring about a very large change if these things could be put into place. I realize many of them would seem fantastical and I myself have a lot of learning to do about the various laws, acts, and bills that are in effect, economics, and historical context of laws in the United States. I believe though, we should and could analyze to integrate the new with the old and to then start seeing the connections and to go about modifying those things to fit with the new. Much like how modern science is learning about how the old ways are often best - such as how humans learn and remember best, the exercise that's best for us, medicines that are best, etc. Old ways, traditions, and values should not be overlooked. 

I believe Government should always be working to improve itself and our systems (improving humanity) and that the current ways (corporate interference, deceitful politics, etc.) are proving themselves to be, not so great...I believe the Government need not be overly large but a small, smart powerful body that rules democratically via law and policy but can have a large reach and do a lot of good. Throwing money and resources at problems doesn't fix the heart of problems (band-aids).  Often times government intervention or neglect cause problems that then the government has to expand or spend money to fix. ​

That is not to say that I think the federal government shouldn't be large to carry out the necessary tasks to keep American citizens safe (Environment, Food and Drug Administration, Military, Scientists, Intel, Trade, Foreign Affairs, etc.), for communications and guidance of the country and economy. A lot of our agencies though I would say are lacking and not carrying out their assigned duties very well due to the above-mentioned problems which I believe are mostly caused by corporate involvement and interference and the lack of oversight and punishment for individuals behaving badly. I believe elected officials should maintain integrity at a very high level as the power they wield has enormous consequences. A lot of things that are very bad aren't against the law - and individuals are free to believe what they want especially in America, but when things go wrong or bad decisions were or are made, who are the ones paying the price? 

That is why corruption and ignorance are so bad, and why having a solid base and core (education and values, cultural and societal playing very large roles) are so important. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic going strong (Dec. 2020) and all the racial unrest in 2020 - We've started to see people and companies advertising and marketing drastically change for instance. We're starting to see the social media giants change  - moderating misinformation (lies) that they deem are harmful to society and individuals but is giving up the freedom(s) of the internet and free information and speech into the hands of a few. It is a dangerous and slippery slope. People around the world are also awakening to this. Conspiracy theory abounds such as around the United Nations, The Great Reset (Davos 2020 and 2021), etc.


There is a lot of directionless or misguided anger. It's okay to get mad and to want change, but how do we or should we go about doing so? What is productive and actually effectual? But of course, we all have to move on and forgive or else we stay angry - which is not a good place to be. Be an example to the world and be happy with one's self and actions in life. Do what we can is all that we can do and to live, learn, and try to make the best of what we have and are given. If standing up and taking political action is what one believes is necessary (me), than do so.


The most important legalities (rules, regulations, etc)- already work and operate by way of making things up - and it works. All of history and government etc. are developments that we, the people, agree to and think or are led to think are best. 

Humanity can be great, our lives, our society, is what we make it. Artificial Intelligence can help us a great deal or it could make things worse. We need a government that can respond to societal and technological change and can be trusted. A core of society that is as solid as a rock, slowly tumbling down a gentle hill, towards everlasting peace on Earth - hopefully anyway. Humanity has to survive through great growing pains it appears and is so; We are still but like a young child learning to walk and must learn from past mistakes of great empires and civilisations. I just want to try to help and do good.

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