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At F.O.B. Shank, Afghanistan (2014).

About Me

Hi, I'm Michael Folk, I'm from a tiny town in Southeast Kansas and was a student at the University of Kansas - Bachelor of Science Environmental Studies (2020). I believe very much in science (hard and soft) and implementing that kind of thinking to government policy along with public opinion. I would consider myself for the common person and think of myself as a Green Progressive and Independent.

This site's purpose is to provide me with the opportunity to possibly get into Congress or National level politics in the near future. Providing information about issues, my thoughts on events, discussion, and the like. I believe the only way for a person like me to gain support is through being transparent and gaining support over time, but it is not all about me! It's about the whole world and doing what is right for others and the earth as well.


I believe more people need to get involved and educated for us (that is humanity) to achieve a more perfect and just world. 

It's obvious the American people want real change and those in power want to stay in power and affluence. Our best bet is us - "Be the Change You Want to See".


I was unsure if I am qualified and knowledgeable enough about politics and a good enough public speaker to ever get into politics but when our presidential candidates are Mr. Trump, Biden and Hilary it is upsetting (to me at least). I believe in myself and my ability to learn - I've been learning all my life - and like a typical millennial have consumed a lot of information from the internet and otherwise. I have a unique combination of being an ISTP personality type but with a mind suited for things like sociology, politics, and econometrics, which I only learned of that aspect of my mind in 2020 (have come to know my mind is very good at systems and big picture thinking previously though, that was kind of obvious).

2020 (the year I am writing this) was a rough year. Especially for me. I had in previous years, not been doing so hot - depressed after learning much about climate change in 2014-2015 and coming to very bleak, narcissistic conclusions on the future of the world (I believed the IPCC was under-estimating by a lot the Earth's/nature's natural and already baked in positive feedback loops due to atmospheric carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which in 2020 and recent years was/is valid. If you've been paying attention to climate news and the IPCC's own warnings since AR5, one would agree). I didn't do as well as I should and could have in school at Kansas University. I didn't work many extra jobs or make many friends throughout my time there. Played too many videogames. Addicted to dopamine (Google dopamine and cortisol). I ran out of VA education benefits and finally had to get a job to support myself renting an apartment in Lawrence. I got fired from Amazon for making a tire skid-mark in someone's yard and not following protocol of calling into HQ immediately (big safety violation, I figured it wasn't a huge deal, gave him the local dispatch's number and continued to work, but also was afraid I would get fired over it and also didn't want to deal with that person at that time). 


Covid-19 restrictions hit hard (March 2020). The State of Kansas said I didn't qualify for benefits after my initial filing said I was eligible for ~300/month. I said fine, I'm healthy and young okay, it's okay, I'm getting another delivery driver job this time for FedEx. I worked a bunch (96 hours one week over 6 days was my best). Failed a class to graduate, dropped it. Developed muscle imbalance from previously having a somewhat bad back from sitting and PC gaming too much and bending all the time and lifting heavy packages (all the time). Also, I'm a runner since 2011 when I first joined the Army and that probably doesn't help (forward pelvic tilt). I got Covid-19 I believe, that didn't do much to me, but I believe I had after-effects that were horrible - getting episodic bouts of extreme fatigue and muscle tenderness. Too tired to drive even because it was so hard to focus (mental fog) and a lot of dizziness. I finally graduated though which was good and the new owners of the subcontracting driver company were nice to me. It didn't matter to me much though as I messed up in school in previous years because partly I'm not a hugely social person and 1st generation college student, but also because I was lazy at applying for internships and doing extra work while in school. Was living the good life - but not really! More like just wanting to escape from the realities of life and taking responsibility in ways I suppose as well. Anyway, at one point I was very down this year. Most all the money I had invested in stocks was gone (some very weird, incomprehensible IMO things that seemed to happen to my stock picks/holdings it seemed to me! Sunworks and Micron Technologies especially (just look at Sunworks stock in 2019-2020, $0.33 cents and change for months to now going over $4.50 and over $4 for a while now, and Micron back when they announced their new memory and partnership with Microsoft but their stock still staying low for months and months (sold only because I helped a family member buy a house)). The west coast and the amazon forests were on fire. Billionaires and big businesses were still doing great though, even with millions unemployed and small businesses struggling and closing down. I was very mad at the world and almost committed suicide one day. Anyway, I moved back home and went to see my Sister for a while. She helped open my eyes and I found God (the most high, truly the greatest, all praise belong to him) with his help and it's given me new enlightenment and resolve in life. I believe my whole life and what I've been through, happened for a reason almost and who I've become. Some might call it crazy or stupid and previously I might have too. I was an atheist agnostic type since I was about 14 years old, but raised Christadelphian, which is similar to Christianity. Anyway, that's some of my story as of 2020 at least.


History: I served in the U.S. Army from Feb. 2011 - July 2014 as an Avenger Crewmember (14S). Notably, I deployed with Bravo Battery 2-44 Air Defense Artillery (based in Ft. Campbell Kentucky, 101st Airborne Division, Air Assault, the famous Screaming Eagles) in July 2013 - March 2014 as a Land-Based Phalanx System (LPWS) operator. Our Battery was the first to deploy the LPWS in Afghanistan at FOB Shank. I'm proud of my service and thankful at the same time for the opportunities it has given me and for my own personal growth, experiences, and friends I made while I served.

Before the Army I was in Information Technology (I.T.) briefly as Help Desk support. I went to Coffeyville Community College Technical School and Independence Community College where I received an Applied Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology in 2008. I accumulated 3 computer certifications but the economic recession and lack of money and job experience made it hard to obtain gainful employment in I.T. After finally obtaining some experience I realized it was not for me and so I joined the Army to give myself time to decide on a career path and have the ability to be able to go to college using the G.I. bill.

* This page and all subpages: All content is produced by myself and no one else - all original content. I may receive advice and help with or for potential errors possibly though *

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