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DhtmlxSuite PRO Full Version

DhtmlxSuite PRO Full Version

DhtmlxSuite is a powerful JavaScript widget library for creating modern web applications of any complexity. It includes 20+ UI widgets that can be easily integrated with any backend technology and JavaScript framework. DhtmlxSuite PRO is the premium edition of the library that offers additional features and benefits over the standard edition.

What are the advantages of DhtmlxSuite PRO?

DhtmlxSuite PRO has several advantages over the standard edition, such as:

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  • TreeGrid component: This is a complex widget that combines the features of a grid and a tree. It allows displaying hierarchical data in a tabular format with sorting, filtering, editing, and drag-n-drop capabilities.

  • Extended functionality with the module for XML parsing/serialization: This module enables loading and saving data in XML format, which is widely used for data exchange and storage. It also supports custom XML schemes and XPath queries.

  • Access to official technical support: DhtmlxSuite PRO users can get professional assistance from the DHTMLX team via the ticket support system. They can also access additional samples with PRO functionality and documentation.

  • Use in proprietary projects: DhtmlxSuite PRO users can use the library in their commercial projects without any restrictions or royalties. The license also covers updates and bug fixes for one year.

How to get DhtmlxSuite PRO?

DhtmlxSuite PRO can be purchased from the official website. The price depends on the number of developers and projects that will use the library. There are also discounts for educational and non-profit organizations. Users can also download a free trial version of DhtmlxSuite PRO to test its features and compatibility before buying.


DhtmlxSuite PRO is a comprehensive and versatile JavaScript widget library for building rich and interactive web applications. It offers more features and benefits than the standard edition, such as the TreeGrid component, the XML module, the technical support, and the commercial license. DhtmlxSuite PRO users can create web apps of any complexity with ease and efficiency.

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